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For the longest time I did not want to photograph weddings. Having a well established female clientele I was very happy with photographing just lifestyle sessions. Looking back now, deep down I felt it would come eventually but I was doing everything I could to postpone it.

Maybe it was the fear of too much pressure. Or maybe it was my own personal struggles with love that made me resent photographing weddings and seeing all those people crazy in love. One day I made an exception and photographed my good friend's wedding.

That day turned my life upside down as I finally saw what I needed to see on both; professional and personal levels. As I was holding my camera in front of my eyes I realized that I was moved by the way the groom looked at his bride walking down the aisle. I felt goosebumps when her voice broke down during her wedding vows. I could feel my eyes filling up with tears during a father and daughter dance. Perhaps because I miss my own dad.

All those tiny moments of someone else's love story started to become my own as with every picture taken I was healed.